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The mission of the Hose Tower Project is to plan, secure funds for and oversee the adaptive restoration of the Historic Greendale Grounds Building and Hose Tower into a Community Center with public restrooms, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces and other facilities for community use.

Project Overview

Greendale’s history is rich with vital community spaces. However, many of those valuable assets have been lost. The original Community Building is now the Middle School. The old “scout shack” was razed. The Mall area near the Alonzo Hauser Flagpole was divided for a parking lot and it is now largely underused.

Today, community groups meet in a windowless room in the basement of the Public Library. Based on community feedback and input, the Greendale Historical Society believes that readaption of the Hose Tower building will restore and fill the need for a community gathering space in our Village center.

The Historical Society is seeking partners — residents, local elected and government officials, community and business leaders — to work together on this project. We believe in a shared vision and effort to help preserve Greendale’s special sense of community for future generations.

The Historical Society is committed to a readaptation of the Hose Tower and Grounds Building which employs a long-term, sustainable business model. We believe this collaborative, community model best helps ensure longterm success and sustainability. This approach harkens back to the original plans for Greendale in 1936.

Historic properties — like the Hose Tower and Grounds Building —provide substantial links to our past. They contribute to our understanding of the aesthetic, cultural and social values of a particular time period. This is particularly significant for the Village of Greendale.

The Historical Society has completed Phase I of the adaptive restoration of Greendale’s Hose Tower and Grounds Building into a community property designed for use by the residents of Greendale. Phase II of construction began in March of 2014.

Greendale’s planners and founders fostered and designed a special way of life and sense of community that survives nearly 75 years after the original design. It is not on display in a museum — the Village of Greendale is a living museum.

We believe there is a community need and responsibility to put this building to good use before another valuable piece of Greendale’s living museum is lost.

Our Mission

The mission of the Greendale Historical Society is to preserve and foster appreciation of Greendale, Wisconsin, one of only three American Greenbelt communities.

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Our Board of Directors

Ted Mainella, President
Bill Kewan, Vice-President
Kevin Nitka, Treasurer
Bob DeRoche, Secretary

At-Large Board Members:
William Attewell, Eileen Emison Booth, Jim Burns, Lyle Dorow, Kathleen Kendellen Hart, Georgianne Heymann, Bob Prindiville and Brenda Siemers